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Jul 17, 2023

The 8 Best Spray Mops in 2023, Tested & Reviewed

Spray mops are a must-have for hard floors that tend to get dirty with concentrated spills and stains—and we tested 59 of them to find the best options. Jump to a Section We independently evaluate all

Spray mops are a must-have for hard floors that tend to get dirty with concentrated spills and stains—and we tested 59 of them to find the best options.

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If you have wood or tile floors in your home, chances are you use some kind of mop to get your surfaces sparkling clean. However, this creates a problem many consumers struggle with: What’s the best mop to use on those floors to ensure the most efficient and effective clean? To date, there are a number of mop types available like string, flat, spin, and spray. And truthfully, the answer to the question isn't a simple one, because it’s likely that you’ll need multiple mops for different functions and types of messes.

To make things a little easier, you can narrow it down to two types: a mop for spills and larger cleaning jobs (likely a string, flat, or spin mop, depending on the surface type you’re working with) and another mop for more concentrated, dried messes. For those, you’ll need the best spray mop.

A spray mop is not going to be the mop you use all the time, but when used correctly, it’s an incredibly powerful tool to have around. They’re especially useful for stuck-on messes. “Spray mops are good for rewetting dried stains,” says executive vice-president of the greater Little Rock Molly Maid Michael Silva-Nash. You know the type—the spill you didn’t fully clean, the dribbles of soda or juice that end up hidden in corners, or the general dirt and mess a weekend party or simply having pets can bring. We tested 59 options to find the best spray mops for all types of cleaning jobs.


This powerful spray mop is easy to use, and it cleaned all types of messes as efficiently on hardwood as it did on grouted tile during our tests.

While the starter pack includes everything you need to begin cleaning, over time there are additional costs to consider, including the floor cleaner, batteries, and disposable mop pads.

From the set-up to the clean-up, the Swiffer Power Mop performed strongly during testing, easily making it our top pick for best spray mop. To get started right out of the box, simply push the two bars together and add a mop pad (if you’ve ever worked with any Swiffer product, it’s the same process). To insert the solution, pop the included cleaner right into the slot. Because it’s ready as is and doesn’t need water, you don’t have to worry about concentration formulas or measurements.

With a 49-inch handle, the Swiffer Power Mop isn’t adjustable but has a long enough handle to reach underneath tables and chairs, and while the flat, straight mop head doesn’t have a swivel, it’s still a cinch to clean against walls and in corners. Because the spray mop is manual, to release the spray, simply push down the button on top of the cleaning solution and it will release one spray onto the floor. We didn’t have trouble managing this button.

As for the clean, it got rid of the majority of the messes we created on grouted tile with one spray and six swipes—the exception being the butter, which took two sprays and eight swipes. We were also pleased with the results, as a wipe-down with a paper towel left no remaining residue. While it took a bit more work to clean the hardwood floor, it wasn’t enough of a difference to take it off the top spot, especially because the results were equally effective. (Butter still proved to be the most difficult mess: it took four sprays and fourteen wipes to remove, and the other messes took considerably less to clean.) Another bonus: the included cleaner had a pleasant, fresh scent that wasn’t overpowering. We also found the spray mop to be easy to carry around, weighing under 5 pounds out of the box.

There are a few things consumers should be aware of before purchasing. The first is that there will be some difficulty cleaning very narrow spaces, as the cleaning solution attached to the handle will only allow the head to go so far. The second is that it doesn’t fold down, so keeping the mop in a small closet or space would require the user to unclick the two parts of the handle for easier storage.

And finally, while the starting price is affordable at under $40, expect to spend an additional $20 a month on the product (without considering batteries): refill pads and refill bottles both come in at around $10 a pack, depending on size and availability. Still, for its impressive cleaning power, this is certainly worth it for people looking for a quick and powerful clean.

Price at time of publish: $30

Product Details: Pad Type: Disposable | Power: Battery | Weight: 4.65 pounds | Handle Length: 49 inches | Accessories: 2 mop pads, 1 floor cleaning solution, batteries

Better Homes & Gardens / Henry Wortock

Better Homes & Gardens / Henry Wortock


While the price is similar to our top pick for best spray mop, it saves money over time with its reusable mop heads and its ability to run manually without batteries.

During our tests, this performed excellently with liquid spills, but it left behind some debris on both the grouted tile and the hardwood when mopping up potting soil.

This lightweight option from Rejuvenate made our list because it’s an effective manual option that has the additional plus of a 360-degree swivel head, making it effortless to maneuver in every direction. The mop worked well on both grouted tile and hardwood, removing all ketchup, oil, juice, and butter stains in three sprays and around seven swipes and leaving behind a dry, clean floor without residue.

The cleaning solution had a faint chemical smell, which wasn’t overly distracting, and did not clog at any time during the cleaning process. When done with the tasks, we found that the Velcro reusable mop pad easily came on and off, and could be cleaned in a washing machine or a sink. Plus, the addition of a grout brush accessory makes this a great option for people whose houses are mostly tile.

One of its most notable issues came when cleaning up potting soil; on both hardwood floor and grouted tile, it left behind bits of dirt that we had to clean up afterwards. If you or someone you live with tracks in a lot of mud, this might make this mop less useful in your daily life.

The mop’s other issue came during set-up. We had difficulty connecting the bottle adapter for the cleaning solution to the mop itself, and the instructions given were far from adequate. After referring to a video on the brand’s website, the issue was quickly rectified, but some consumers might find this unnecessarily complicated.

Price at time of publish: $30

Product Details: Pad Type: Reusable | Power: Manual | Weight: Approx. 2 pounds | Handle Length: 50 inches | Accessories: Cleaning pad, dust pad, floor cleaner, grout brush, super scrub pad, 3 bottle adapters

Better Homes & Gardens / Henry Wortock

Better Homes & Gardens / Henry Wortock

Better Homes & Gardens / Henry Wortock


This is an item worth splurging on if you hate mopping, because it’s incredibly easy to operate with little elbow grease.

Due to the larger size, it likely won’t fit into narrow areas.

The best spray mop for your home doesn’t have to be hundreds of dollars, but if you really hate mopping, it might be worth splurging on this pick. The Nellie’s Wow Too is meant to make a dreaded household chore effortless, with a design and added features that make for a luxurious cleaning tool that is well worth the price for the right consumer.

Two features in particular really make it stand out. One is its rechargeable and cordless electric power source, complete with a small, simple charger (no docking station here) and a battery life of up to 50 consecutive minutes. The other is likely the most attractive—a flat mop head that uses two pads at a time and mechanically oscillates them side-to-side. This is the primary feature that takes the “work” out of cleaning. Simply start the machine, press the button on the handle to release the spray, and much of the heavy lifting will be done for you.

As for its effectiveness, we found that while it performed slightly better on hardwood floors than it did on grouted tile, it cleaned up juice, butter, and oil on all tested surfaces with no trouble at all. Ketchup proved to be a minor issue requiring more passes of the machine than the other spills, but the soil took the longest to clean thanks to the larger particles of dirt. Although the mop did pick those pieces up, it took some extra time to do so.

The design features also leveled up this spray mop considerably. A push of a button easily removed the reservoir of cleaning solution, the Velcro attached to the mop heads could be removed in a way that didn’t get hands dirty, and the handle collapsed for easy storage.

Still, there are some kinks that come with this mop. The largest issue was the steel tin the cleaning solution came in, which made it incredibly hard to fill the reservoir without spilling. A cup is recommended to transfer the solution easier. And while the mop could be easily maneuvered in most positions (we found it could practically go vertical), pushing it forward at an angle provided a challenge—plus, because of its larger size, it would likely not fit in narrow spaces.

Price at time of publish: $319

Product Details: Pad Type: Reusable | Power: Rechargeable Electric | Weight: 9.33 pounds | Handle Length: Adjustable from 34 to 46 inches | Accessories: Nellie’s Floor Care Solution, 4 scrub pads, charger

Better Homes & Gardens / Henry Wortock

Better Homes & Gardens / Henry Wortock

Better Homes & Gardens / Henry Wortock

Better Homes & Gardens / Henry Wortock

Better Homes & Gardens / Henry Wortock


Bona is known for its hardwood floor cleaners, and this proves why, as it cleaned wood down to the little crevices between the planks.

It works on grouted tile if necessary, but it’s best for hardwood.

This Bona Premium spray mop is the best spray mop for hardwood floors, which is no surprise considering Bona is a brand specializing in hardwood floor products. There are basic perks to this model that we expect to see in the best spray mops: it’s easy to set up, quick to clean, and efficient at removing most stains with ease. There are also a few bonus perks, like the extra-large microfiber pad that securely locks into place and even washes well in the sink without leaving behind a noticeable odor.

The spray mop has a swivel head that makes corners and edges easy to clean, it’s manual, and it’s relatively lightweight. The cleaner bottle on the handle clicks on and off with ease. The cleaner is easy to disperse via a trigger on the handle, and it disperses evenly without jamming or clogging. Keep in mind that the handle is not adjustable.

When tackling grouted tile, we had mostly favorable results, but it did leave a faint red stain behind from ketchup in the grout, making us reconsider recommending it for both surfaces. Where it does shine is on the hardwood floor, removing all traces of juice, dirt, and ketchup quickly and easily. A note: we did record some light residue left over from the butter and oil, which could have been because we did not use as many sprays on this floor as we did on the tile.

However, because Bona is a water-based formula that is made to be used on finicky unwaxed floors, the gentler formula’s primary concern is to preserve and protect wood floors. A good wipe with a paper towel should remove any leftover residue without harming the wood with a stronger chemical.

Price at time of publish: $42

Product Details: Pad Type: Reusable | Power: Manual | Weight: 5.8 Pounds | Handle Length: 49 inches | Accessories: 1 refillable cartridge, Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner refill, microfiber cleaning pad

Better Homes & Gardens / Henry Wortock

Better Homes & Gardens / Henry Wortock

Better Homes & Gardens / Henry Wortock


This spray mop is meant to be used with just water, and we found that it did a great job on grouted tile floor with no cleaner needed.

Water won’t completely remove tough stains like oil, so consider having some concentrate around for those jobs.

While this is the best spray mop for tile floors, it isn’t ideal for houses that have wood floors, as we noted it did not remove all of the messes from hardwood completely. However, if you have a house that’s mostly tile—or you can see wanting to use this in your kitchen or bathroom only—it's a lightweight and manual option that will get the job done.

It’s also sure to please those averse to using chemicals in the household because you have the option of simply using water to mop. In fact, the manufacturer claims it removes 99% of messes with just water alone. Another nice feature is its ability to flip the mop head 180 degrees, allowing you to use both sides of the mop pad without having to switch them out, increasing cleaning power without adding more time. Paired with its ability to swivel, this made it easier for us to clean in small spaces and under tables.

The microfiber pad grabbed onto dirt and liquid mess on the tile floor fairly quickly during testing but did indeed struggle with butter (one of the more challenging messes in this test, as many mops had some trouble with it). Ultimately, we had to wipe some debris off the floor manually after using it. Of course, this could be because we only used water on the butter stain—a cleaner could potentially have helped.

Because the grout came out completely clean with just a few passes and it was effective on the other messes, we think this is still a solid mop—just consider using some concentrate when working with oil-based messes.

Price at time of publish: $31

Product Details: Pad Type: Reusable | Power: Manual | Weight: 2.01 pounds | Handle Length: 49.5 inches | Accessories: Reusable pad

Better Homes & Gardens / Henry Wortock

Better Homes & Gardens / Henry Wortock

Better Homes & Gardens / Henry Wortock


The addition of a slide-out scrubber that can help clean between planks of wood or grout make this OXO model a great spray mop—and the microfiber pad is especially durable.

The price is high considering it’s manually powered and comes with few accessories.

There are two defining reasons why this might be the best spray mop for you: you don’t want to wash your microfiber pads in a washing machine every time, and you actually like to scrub and scour things until they’re completely clean.

The microfiber pad of this OXO model is easily washed in the sink—we reported no odor and no staining after doing so, and it dried around 80% in 24 hours. For those who don’t have access to a washing machine, this is a great perk, as we detected some faint odors on the pads from other models after only a hand wash.

This mop also has a cool feature unavailable on the other models on this list: if you remove the mop head, there is a scrubber revealed underneath. This did an excellent job of completely removing all traces of dirt from the grout between the tiles during testing, and is a nice feature to have to remove particularly stubborn stains (although some butter needed to be removed with a toothpick from the wood planks).

Additionally, it’s got a nice long handle and a swivel head, and also came completely assembled—a nice plus for those who hate reading instructions. It did a great job of removing everything on grouted tile completely, and while it did leave a faint film of butter on the hardwood floor, the scrubber helped with removing most of it. We also praised its rounded edges and found that it was so easy to maneuver around corners, it almost felt automatic.

Price at time of publish: $50

Product Details: Pad Type: Reusable | Power: Manual | Weight: 3.29 pounds | Handle Length: 50 inches | Accessories: Refillable bottle, detachable scrubber, reusable microfiber pad

Better Homes & Gardens / Henry Wortock

Better Homes & Gardens / Henry Wortock

Better Homes & Gardens / Henry Wortock


This model weighs a little over 1 pound, making it super easy to move around, and also benefits from a powerful spray.

While it performs quite well on tile, there were some remnants left in grout and on hardwood.

If you’re looking for a mop that functions well without you needing to lift anything heavy or bend down, this lightweight Rubbermaid cleaning kit is a solid option. There are multiple features that make it friendly for people with limited mobility or who have trouble with the physicalities that can come with cleaning.

First, it comes completely assembled, so no need to screw things in or tighten knobs. The spray trigger is located at the top of the handle so you won’t need to bend down to distribute water. It has a swivel feature that eliminates the need to crouch or go out of your way to reach stubborn spots. The cleaning bottle can be easily secured by flipping it upside down and snapping it in place, no twisting required. The microfiber pad can be pulled off as it is attached by Velcro. There’s a hook at the top for easy storage and access, and the entire mop weighs a little over 1 pound.

However, with all of these positives, there were some issues when it comes to cleaning. Perhaps the most important is that it did not thoroughly clean the hardwood of butter and left a slight film of oil when done, and there were also some butter remnants in the seams between the planks.

On the tile, it cleaned effectively and left no trace of oil or butter, but there was some debris remaining in the grout (although this could potentially be solved with the scrub pad). Still, if the above features will make your life easier, this will do a fine job as a basic cleaning tool and will keep your tile sparkling.

Price at time of publish: $48

Product Details: Pad Type: Reusable | Power: *Answer TK | Weight: 1.37 pounds | Handle Length: 49 inches | Accessories: Refillable bottle, scrub pad, microfiber cleaning pad

Better Homes & Gardens / Henry Wortock

Better Homes & Gardens / Henry Wortock


This spray mop from True & Tidy comes in fun colors like mint, blue, pink, gray, and white, with an overall design that’s retro and fun.

It didn’t remove every bit of oil or ketchup from floors during our tests.

You really can’t beat the aesthetics of this adorable spray mop that comes in fun colors like mint green and powder pink. It’s a great and affordable pick for, say, a college student who will never clean the house otherwise, and there are some good things to say about its performance.

The mop is lightweight, easily swivels around furniture and under tables, and releases a spray with a pull of the trigger. It’s especially good on hardwood floors, too: we noted that the only residue left behind was some butter between the wood planks, but the floor itself didn’t have any leftover residue.

However, things did not get completely spotless on the grouted tile. While we praised its ability to completely get rid of juice and oil, some ketchup staining remained in the grout and some film was left behind from the oil and butter.

Still, this cleans better than elbow grease and, as some parents of college kids might note, certainly better than nothing at all. So, paired with its other features, this is a decent choice that will get your house cleaner than it started out.

Price at time of publish: $19

Product Details: Pad Type: Reusable | Power: Manual | Weight: 1.13 Pounds | Handle Length: 49 inches | Accessories: Refillable bottle, reusable mop pad

Better Homes & Gardens / Henry Wortock

Better Homes & Gardens / Henry Wortock

Better Homes & Gardens / Henry Wortock

For its ability to completely get rid of stubborn messes like butter, oil, and dirt debris—which many of our tested models struggled with—the best spray mop award goes to the Swiffer Power Mop. However, if you’re a fan of gadgets and are willing to splurge, the Nellie’s WOW TOO is a tech-forward option that oscillates mechanically and is rechargeable.

To determine the best spray mops, we performed regulated experiments to record both data and notable findings. Each of us received a spray mop in its original packaging and timed how long it took to assemble. Additionally, we paid special attention to any of the following features when applicable: length of the handles and ease or difficulty of inserting and removing cleaning tanks, cleaning solutions, and attached cleaning pads.

To test the efficiency of each spray mop, we created a variety of stains on both wood and grouted tile floors using apple juice, butter, ketchup, canola oil, and a potting soil-coated shoe. While these stains were drying for a set time of 10 minutes, we completed a maneuverability test that included cleaning under tables and chairs as well as the edges of bookshelves and taking notes on ease of use and comfort.

After the stain had dried, we then recorded how many sweeps of the mop it took to visibly clean the stain, and, if the mop was cordless, we also recorded battery drainage as well. If the spray mop came with its own cleaning solution, we used the included solution for the surfaces it was safe to use on, otherwise, we used a Lysol cleaning solution (or, in the case of a few models, just water) according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Once the mess was cleaned, we took a dry paper towel to determine if any residue was left behind. Finally, we documented the removal of the mop pad. If the mop pad was reusable, we recorded dryness and any lingering odors after a period of 24 hours.

Better Homes & Gardens / Henry Wortock

Spray mops will either come with reusable or disposable mop pads. To determine which type would be the best one for your home, consider two factors: cost and cleaning regularity. If you live in a high-trafficked home where spills are a daily or frequent occurrence, disposable pads are easier to use and simply throw out after, with no laundering required. However, while disposable pads are an easier solution, take into account the cost (and environmental impact).

Reusable pads are great for those who are looking for an eco-friendly cleaning solution and have access to a laundry machine. Cost is also a factor with reusable pads: they still need to be replaced eventually, though far less often. It should also be noted that if you are interested in a spray mop that uses disposable pads but would like to try out reusable ones, there are likely generic pads available on sites like Amazon that are marketed to fit popular spray mops, although we can’t speak for their effectiveness.

Spray mops are either battery-powered, manual, or electric. The ideal power source is best left up to the consumer, as all of the options will work well. Manual spray mops are the most common and will allow you to clean anywhere without needing to find an outlet first. They may require a bit more elbow grease, but it won’t necessarily make a huge difference. While battery-powered options generally fall into the same price range as manual options, electric models (corded or rechargeable) tend to be more expensive.

If you have mobility issues that make carrying heavier objects difficult, pay attention to the weight when purchasing a spray mop in order to ensure ease of use. Consider that a pound or two is certain to be tacked on when cleaning solution or water is added to the mop itself. And even if you don’t have mobility issues, if you plan to carry the spray mop up and down stairs, noting the mop’s weight is always good practice. A lightweight pick for the best spray mop is the Rubbermaid Reveal, which weighs just over 1 pound.

Handle length in a spray mop can be an important feature. If your height tends to be an impediment when using a standard mop, it can be helpful to see if an adjustable handle will alleviate that issue. You should also consider where stains are most likely to happen in your home to determine how important it will be. Longer handles or adjustable handles can help you reach tricky areas, like underneath a kitchen table, for instance, more comfortably.

While it was impressive that this battery-powered option got rid of harder messes like butter using just water, it was clunky and hard to maneuver when compared with the models we tried. Given the high price tag, it didn’t qualify for a slot on our best spray mops list.

With its sister product landing our top spot, the Swiffer WetJet Wood Mop was a bit of a let down. After multiple passes and sprays, it ended up smearing butter everywhere during testing, and it took a while for the mop to clean it entirely. While many mops admittedly struggled with butter, our expectations for the Swiffer brand were higher given the Power Mop’s capabilities.

Sometimes, adequate doesn’t cut it, and while we noted that the Panda Grip was easy to use and cleaned fairly well, there was nothing that made it stand out amongst the best spray mops. And because it also had similar issues with the oiler stains we tested, it just didn’t have any feature that made it compelling enough to recommend it enthusiastically. However, if it’s the only model available to you or it’s on deep discount, it’s not a bad option

A good spray mop doesn’t work better or worse than a regular mop if you’re using it for its proper application. Silva-Nash notes that “spray mops aren’t intended for absorbing up spills” and work better on dry, caked-in stains or smaller messes. The best case is to have a number of different cleaning tools at your disposal, including a spray mop. If you’ve spilled a whole jug of iced coffee while rushing to leave for work, it’s likely that a regular mop will work more quickly and efficiently than a spray mop. However, if you don’t realize you’ve spilled something until you get home and find a sticky mess, that’s the perfect time to use a spray mop.

If the product comes with an included cleaning solution, it is fine to use that. However, if it doesn’t, Silva-Nash points out that simple is often best. “Warm water is the safest option and should be used to start. Sometimes messes require more cleaning power so a multi-purpose cleaner like Pine Sol can be used.” No matter what cleaner you plan on using, Silva-Nash warns to “always test chemicals in an inconspicuous spot first to see how they react with your flooring.”

Disposable mop pads or heads can be thrown out once the cleaning is done. You don’t have to replace the mop pads for each stain you’re tackling in one session, even if you’re mopping up different types of messes, unless you find it’s become dirty enough to warrant a change. Reusable mop pads should have a manufacturer’s guideline on how often they need to be replaced, but a good rule of thumb is every two or three months with minor to moderate use, or whenever the mop pad starts to lose efficacy.

Better Homes & Gardens / Henry Wortock

Alida Nugent has been both a commerce writer and strategist for over six years, and heavily researched spray mops for this piece. She also analyzed the results from BHG’s spray mop tests in order to include them here.

Next to all of the products on this list, you may have noticed our BHG Recommends seal of approval. Products that earn the seal have been put through rigorous testing to make sure they're worth a spot in your home. We buy most of the products we test ourselves, but occasionally we are provided samples by companies if buying isn't an option. In these cases, we use the same testing criteria we use to test the purchased products.

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